EXPERIENCE is a company located in Southern California. We seek to embrace the idea of using materials that can be recycled, and are eco friendly. The culture is explained within the name: EXPERIENCE everything life has to offer, you only have one opportunity to enjoy each moment...

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Wappa Paddleboards:

Made with Wappa Bamboo Technology, all Wappa stand up paddle boards are lightweight, strong and naturally beautiful. Our construction process results in stand up paddle boards with an amazing strength to weight ratio.

Environmentally friendly. Built with eco-friendly and sustainable materials and produced using green energy, a Wappa bamboo SUP makes a smaller footprint on the environment.

Built to last. Better quality materials and superior workmanship lets us be confident in our product. We offer a one (1) year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Stable and fast gliding. Wappa paddle boards are ideal for everyone from beginner paddlers to seasoned veterans who love to surf.

Practical Design Features. Owning a Wappa is so enjoyable. The SUP handle is placed strategically to make the board perfectly balanced while carrying, and it's embedded into the board providing a natural handhold. The hassle free air vent means never having to worry if your board is breathing.

Smart Purchase Decision. At Wappa, our goal is to build the world’s best bamboo SUP that is low cost, eco-friendly and great quality. We believe that we succeeded!